How You Can Make Money On Facebook

You can make money on Facebook. In fact you can do it on any social media platform. I am going to show you how to do it. There are also many DO’s and DONT’S when it comes to this process. We will explore them in this article. It is important that you understand a little technical language before we start. So let’s deal with this first.

Technical Stuff

Affiliate programs are great but you need to know how they work. What happens when you create an affiliate account is you are given a special code associated with that account. Then URL’s are generated for you to get credit for sales. These URL’s are dynamic links. For example if you were an affiliate for then your affiliate link may look something like this. When someone visits a site using your special link you get credit for a sale and make a commission off of it.

If you are linking to a direct product page it works the same way. Here is an example of what a link could look like with your special code in it.

Some affiliate programs get more technical and rewrite their URL’s in encryption. They could look like Do not be alarmed. This is also another normal way in which companies that offer affiliate programs generate URL’s for affiliates.

You will be given a dashboard with your account. There you can test to make sure that your affiliate links are working. Usually they will show clicks and counts. This lets you know that your links are working and you are getting credit for it. If you are not offered a dashboard to monitor the traffic you generate then do not use that program. You need to be able to see the progress you make with your advertisements.

Affiliates You Can Make Money With

There are several affiliate marketing places out there on the web. Here are a few that you can use to get started.


How To Make Money On Facebook

After you have registered on your affiliate networks look for some things that are meaningful to your friends and family on social media. Also sometimes affiliate links themselves are not permitted on Facebook. So if you just enter your affiliate link thinking you are going to make some money you may lose your Facebook account. Facebook frowns on that kind of marketing because it is not meaningful or engaging.

Get Creative

Get creative with your ads and links on Facebook. Don’t think that people are just going to buy if you put a link there. Make your image stand out so that when it shows up on your friends and families feed they will see it. Awesome great images and great videos will help you on your career path to be an affiliate marketer.

Create A Fan Page On Facebook

If you are on Facebook you obviously have a profile. However one of the things that you should create is a “fanpage” on facebook. Get it all decorated with graphics. You can use this as if were your website. It’s not as good as a website but it is free for you to create and only takes a little time. Once you have your page created put a few posts on there. Try to engage the audience. Think about current events, inspirational messages or something funny. Get the page loaded up. After that then invite your friends and family to like your page.

Create A Group On Facebook

The next thing that you will want to do is create a group for your affiliate business. Groups are a little bit different than pages. A group page your audience can engage in conversation better. They can actually make posts on a group page. You can make this a private or public group. You can kick people out of the group and create your own rules. After you have created your group you can link it to your Facebook page that you are using as your website.

To create a group simply click the drop down at the top right of the Facebook page. There you will see an option to create a group. Fill out the boxes and you are ready to go.

Linking Group To Facebook Page

Next go to your Facebook page and follow these instructions.

  1. While you are on your Facebook page click “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Edit Page”.
  3. Scroll down to look at the “Tabs”.
  4. Click on “Add A Tab”
  5. Click on “Groups”.
  6. Now drag “Groups ” up further on your list. {this is so people can see it}
  7. Next click on “Settings”. This will show you all the groups connected.
  8. Now go back and view your page. You should see groups on the left hand side.
  9. Click on the “Groups Tab” that you created.
  10. Click “Link Group”.
  11. Now your Group is linked to your page.

Making Links For Money

Now that you have everything created you need to generate links. Go to your affiliate accounts and start generating links. Depending on what you are into make sure the links go with what your group and page is all about. If you are into technical stuff you will want to post technical information on your pages. Remember to upload graphics and videos to your page and group page. You are wasting time if you just throw some links up there with a little bit of writing.

Be sincere and creative. Make sure to engage people when they leave a comment. You want interaction on your page and it needs to mean something to people that are a part of it. People are always looking for something new and creative. Do not disappoint them!


I hope this article helped you out a little. I am always looking for cool things to help make people successful and financially independent. It does take work, nothing is easy in this world. However if you are willing to apply yourself and get creative you can do it. Thanks for reading this article. Leave comments below and don’t forget to join our Facebook Group as well.

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