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Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial

HTML Title Tag For Organic Search

The HTML title tag is the most important tag on your webpage. It should be descriptive and brief. By reading this one line your reader should be able to discern what your entire article is about. The HTML title tag goes inside the HTML header tag. This should contain your main keyword phrase that you are writing about.

html title tag

html title tag

HTML Tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 for Organic Search Engine Optimization

All of these html tags are nested above relevant descriptive paragraphs. However your H1 tag should be the same as your title tag. Never repeat an H1 tag in a web page, you should only have one title tag and one H1 tag per page. The H2 through H5 tags can be used many times as long as they reflect the relevant information beneath them.  This will greatly increase your organic search engine optimization strategy!

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Organic Search for Images

Organic image search is widely used. The methods you must use to have your images indexed organically for your keyword phrases are simple. Name your image files after your keyword phrases to rank organically. Also give your images a title and alternate descriptions.

Organic Search for Images

Organic Search for Images


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Check Page Rank Organically

Google’s page rank check comes about every 4 months. They will come to your website and give you an organic page rank score based upon their criteria. You page ranking is based mostly upon back links. You can use a page rank tool to see how many people are backlinking to web pages. There is an extension in chrome that you can use for this process. A favorable page rank check should not dictate the content that you write. It will not tell you if you are writing well, it will only let you know who is backlinking to you.

Free Backlink Checker

The best free backlink checker is in your Google Search Console.  Click on “Links to Your Site”. This will reveal everyone that is backlinking to your website.

free backlink checker

free backlink checker

Free Search Engine Submission

To submit url to search engines go to the web page that you want submitted. Highlight the entire URL and copy it. Go to this link and submit url to search engines.

Tips for Writing Articles for Organic Search

This Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial is a guide for your website marketing in organic search. Your business will be different than mine. Implement these search engine techniques in a natural way. It is truly an art that is difficult to master if you are not use to writing. Write what you know a lot about and what your are passionate about and it will be an easier job for you! 😉

Here is the keyword phrase spreadsheet that I used to write this article Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial.

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