Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website

Scripts can boost visits and longevity to your website if used properly. Here is an example of the problem.

The Website Visit Problem

Someone comes to your website, load the page. They probably have about 200 tabs open in their browser and your website is in one of those tabs. They leave that loaded possibly all day long.

The Website Visit Problem 2 Analytics

Your CTR or click through rate on your website is low and you want to increase it. If there is a person on your website like above they leave that page open. The page becomes stagnant in the browser and after a few minutes Google analytics records it as a “bounce”.  Why is this unfair to your the webmaster? Well there could be a very slow reader on your website or a video that is an hour long that they are watching.  So maybe it was not a “real bounce” that happened. Some people keep things loaded in their browser and come back and read later.

Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website

In order to Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website you can use a script. This will refresh a page after 200 seconds. If you have a person like describe above visit  your website your bounce rate should go down and possibly CTR go up. Not to mention that your tab will get a little more attention than that of the next if they have multiple tabs open. 😉

Only cool people share!

Here is the Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website

Put this in your head tag!

[code]<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”200″>[/code]

Want a plugin to do the job for you?  If you are a subscriber to this website it’s yours free!

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