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Are you looking for a WordPress Plug in that adds user address information and then takes that information and puts it into a printable format? You have found the right place. Here is the run down for Add Users Print Addresses.

Step#1 Download this file – Address Label Maker and save it to your computer.

Step  #2 Log into your WordPress dashboard and click “Plugins”  then click “Add New” at the top of the page.

wordpress plug in print addresses

Then click upload and choose the file then click install now.

wordpress plug in user addresses

Step #3 You will need to activate the plug in.

plug in print addresses

Step #4 Add your user information for your users. Select Users then click on a name that you want to add information to.

*Remember that if you are adding a user for the first time you will have to add that user first then go back and click on their name to add the rest of the information.


Step #5

You will have to scroll to the bottom to do this.  After you selected a name enter their information.

enter user information

Step #6 after you have entered all the users and their information create a page or a post and enter this short-code without the spaces in the brackets.

[code][ listaddresses ][/code]

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