Simple Steps For Woocommerce Product Variations And Swatches

Here are some Simple Steps For Woocommerce Product Variations And Swatches. If you are selling a product that has a single attribute follow the steps below.

Single Attribute Variations and Swatches

Step 1:  First create your product listing just as you normally do for a basic product listing.

woocommerce variations and swatches step one for single attribute

Step 2:  Scroll down to the section called “Product Data”

woocommerce variations and swatches step 2 for single product product data

Step 3:  In the first drop down box, change the selection from “simple product” to “variable product”.

variations and swatches step 3 change from simple product to variable product

Step 4:  In the “attributes” tab, add an attribute that you have already created or add a new attribute

Where to add an attribute in woocommerce variations and swatches

Step 5: Define your attribute terms making sure to add a “|” between the term names. This is found on your keyboard with the \ just above Enter. These will become the names of your variations so name them accordingly. For example, an attribute named “Size”, your terms might be “Small|Medium|Large”.

define attribute terms in woocommerce variations and swatches

Step 6:  Next click the check box beside “use for variations” and be sure to save your changes.

click use for variations and save

Step 7:  Go to “Variations” and select “Create variations from all attributes”.

go to variations and select create variations from all attributes

Step 8: Edit each variation by filling in as many boxes as you have information. Note: if you do not put in a price for an attribute, it will not show live on your website.

add product variation details and information

Adding an image will offer your customers an opportunity to see the difference that each variation has to offer.

add an image to your product variation data

Step 9:  When you have finished adding all that you want to add to your product listing, publish your product.

publish your variable product with variations and swatches

Videos WooCommerce Variations Swatches

Here are several videos that I have done for WooCOmmerce Variations and Swatches.



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How to edit attributes and variations in woocommerce variable product listings

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