How To Edit USPS Shipping Method In Woocommerce

The USPS Shipping module in Woocommerce is an ideal calculator for many Woocommerce shop owners. It gives you the flexibility to choose the have your shipping for your cart to be calculated based on the standard US Postal Rate Chart automatically based on total weight.

How to download USPS Shipping Method for Woocommerce

After logging into your WordPress dashboard, visit your Plugins page and click “Add New”. Type “usps shipping” into the search box and you will see a variety of great options to cover your shipping needs. Look for WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method Plugin by WooForce and click “Install Now”.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The USPS Shipping Method Plugin has a yearly license fee of $79.00. This is a great value for this highly useful feature.

How To Configure USPS Shipping Method

So now that you have purchased, installed and activated your USPS Shipping Method Plugin, what comes next? The first thing you need to do after activating your plugin is enable it in Woocommerce. Got to the Settings link under Woocommerce in your WordPress dashboard menu. Click on the Shipping tab. In the shipping options links you will see USPS. In the USPS section click in the box beside “Enable this shipping method”.

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USPS Shipping Method in Woocommerce

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  • Carl says:

    Maximus helped us set up the USPS shipping method for our woocommerce store. This plugin works great for us. We are using USPS priority mail with shipping boxes provided by the post office and our packing dimensions and weights are accurately entered for our products. The shipping costs generated by the plugin (which are actually estimates based on data you’ve entered) have been within pennies of the actual shipping charges paid (which are determined by real-world package sizes and weights. I recommend using this plugin if you want to include shipping charges for your online store purchases AND want them to be accurate and fair.

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