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A1WEBSITEPRO is a service based company. Mainly we use the web development app to keep people updated about their projects. However we do respond to the articles that we post on our website in order to help people understand more about web development.

GDPR Compliance What You NEED To Do

GDPR Compliance What You Need To Do

This article will discuss GDPR Compliance, and What You NEED To Do before the deadline on May Read More

Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing

Welcome to Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing.  If you have a product you want to market Read More

Why A1WEBSITEPRO Is Cost Effective To The Consumer

Why A1WEBSITEPRO Is Cost Effective To The Consumer

So why is A1WEBSITEPRO cost effective to a consumer than other web development companies? * This answer Read More



Qualifications: 20 Years + experience in the following computer languages. HTML Hypertext Markup Language  PHP pre hypertext preprocessor  CSS Cascading Stylesheets  JavaScript  MySql Databases  ASP.NET  Access  SQL  Node.js  And many many more WHY AM I ADVERTISING ON CRAIGSLIST Read More

Fast High Quality Answers For Your Technical Questions

Fast High Quality Answers For Your Technical Questions

I am happy and exitited to release a new feature on entitle “Fast High Quality Answers Read More

If You Are A Webmaster Make This Your Homepage

make this your home page

If you are a webmaster make this your homepage or at least bookmark it. Every time you publish a post or page that you want indexed in search Read More

Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do?


Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do? Well find out who they are from the whois database on Then buy a ski mask and rifle and then go to their house! Ask them in a kind but firm way to remove the plagiarized content. If they Read More

Providing Mac Support Future of PC Microsoft HoloLens


Providing Mac support was a hard decision for me. I am a PC guy and have been for 25 years. However I have also worked with Mac’s in the past, I just wasn’t that crazy about them. However many of my clients have Mac’s so I felt Read More

How to Change Password Linksys Router

change password on linksys router

Overview on Routers and why you should change your passwords * Distrust and caution are the parents of security. -Benjamin Franklin This is a tutorial on how to change your password Read More

Get Feedburner Headline Animator in your Email Signature


ContentsHeadline Animator in your Email SignatureQ. What advice does feedburner have for putting animator in Gmail?Q. What is feedburner and how does it work?Q. How do I set up feedburner for my RSS feed?Q. Is there a quick and easy way to put my headline animator in my Gmail signature?Q. How do I link it Read More

Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2014

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Best Ways to Make Money Online * In this article we will be examining the best ways to make money online. It is important to me that my clients get the most money from their website that they can. There are easy aspects to Read More

Someone is talking about you!

Someone is talking about you * So here is an interesting subject. Is someone talking about you? Well the answer to that question is, YES, someone is talking Read More

What Do Web Developers Do?

what do web developers do

What Do Web Developers Do? * So what do web developers do exactly? When looking for a web developer vs. a web designer you need to ask yourself what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. It may be that you are newer to interacting on the World Wide Read More