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Web Development Strategy Website Designer How To Build Websites


Web development strategy is the art of website marketing. A web designer will create a design for your website. They will give the design to a developer who creates it.

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  • What is web development strategy?
  • What does a website designer give to a developer?
  • How to Build Websites
  • Web Development and Design

What is web development strategy?

Web development strategy is to be flexible to change. Stratigies can be implemented via e commerce or blogging. Web development strategy includes many things from the web. Social media and back linking are important strategies.

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web development strategy

What does a website designer give to a developer?

A website designer will give a web developer graphics. The graphics will show how the website should look. The website designer will also provide any fonts used. Images will be separate layers in a program like Photoshop.

website designer

How to Build Websites

A web developer knows how to build websites. They use a HTML editor and create a layout in HTML. They look at graphics from a image and make it interactive. This image is called a mock up and becomes a website.

how to build websites

Web Development and Design

Web development and design is the creation process. First a website is designed then it is developed. There is a mock up process created with images. Then there is the development process described above.

web development and design

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