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Is Someone Copying Your Website and Pictures?

Is Someone Copying Your Website and Pictures? Well the first question you should ask yourself is how can you tell if someone is stealing from you?  Here is the line of thought that I want you to take when you start embarking on this task.

Is Someone Copying Your Website and Pictures? How to Find Out

Go to the Google search engine and paste in a few lines that you have in your website. For instance copy the code below and paste the entire thing into the google search engine.

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Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do? Well find out who they are from the whois database on a1websitepro.com. Then buy a ski mask and rifle and then go to their house! Ask them in a kind but firm way to remove the plagiarized content.

You will see that when you do this Google will list the pages that have this content in them. The link will take you to another page on my website here https://a1websitepro.com/someone-copied-my-website-content-what-can-i-do/

Is Someone Copying Your Website and Pictures?

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However if someone else copied that content and put in on their website then I would know that someone had taken my stuff. That is how you can find out if they are plagiarizing your content.

How to tell if someone is copying your pictures.

Go to Google Images and drag and drop one of your photos in the image search engine. There you will see all the websites that have that picture in them. If they have your picture then you need to be asking them the question “WHY?”!!!

Steps to Take if someone is copying your website content!

  1. Dont get mad just when you first find out that someone took a section or segment of your website or images.
  2. Read the page first and make sure they are linking to your website in a good way. Link juice is god but you have to make sure that the page they have your content on matches yours. If they have horrible website content then proceed to the steps at the bottom of this article Someone Copied My Website Content, What can I Do?.

Additional steps to take

Contact Google and have the content removed from the Google Search Engine. Let them know what the issue is. Google cannot make them take if off of their website but they can remove that site from the search results.

Is Someone Copying Your Website and Pictures?

You are not helpless there are more things that you can do. Please see our article Someone Copied My Website Content, What can I Do?.  Get the tools that you need to keep your rank position and the knowledge that you need to deal with it when someone plagiarizes your content.

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