Is My Website Down? How To Find Out!

Is my website down or is it just me?

Here is the $1,000,000 question. Is my website down or is my computer screwing up? There is nothing more unsettling for  a website owner than to find out that their website is not online. You may begin to question if you are the only one who does not see the site or if nobody else can see it either. Well fortunately there is a site called > Enter the URL of the site that you want to check and view the results. If the test results state that it is just you and the site is running fine, then you may need to clear your browser cache.

Is my website down?

Q. Why does my website appear on other computers but I can’t get it up on mine?

There can be many reasons why your cannot see your website. You will have to go through a debugging process to narrow down the problem. When you wonder “is my website down”, you should first try a debugging process. Here is how you do it!

Debugging Process

1. Bring up your url in your browser.

2. Hold down the control button on your keyboard and click refresh on your browser. An alternative to this is to hold down the control button on your keyboard and press F5 which will do a hard refresh of the current page that you are viewing to get past any data that is saved in your browsing history.

If you can see your website then good, if not move on to the next step.

Web Browsers

Try Another Browser

Ping Your Site

Try pinging your site by entering the url address at.

Call Your Hosting Company

If the above troubleshooting does not work and you find that you are having an issue with your site being online, you should call your hosting company and tell them that you cannot see your site. You may have an issue with your DNS or name server pointer.

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Is My Website Down Or Is It Just Me?

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