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Apache is server software that controls http requests but it does so much more than that. These are some tutorials to help you get a basic and advanced understanding of Apache servers.

WordPress Site Trying To Download A File

WordPress Site Trying To Download A File htaccess addhandler

Subscribe Sometimes when you transfer a wordpress site you will get errors. Keep in mind that your old server may be using a different version of PHP than your new server. If you keep getting prompted to download a file when you go to the front end of your website you may need to put Read More

Disable PHP On A Directory With Htaccess

Subscribe If you need to disable php on a directory with htaccess here is your script. Open up your text editor and paste this code in it. [code]<Files *.php> deny from all </Files>[/code] Upload it to the directory that you do not want PHP code executed. Most folders that are hacked in WordPress are… wp-content/uploads/ Read More

The Perfect HTACCESS File for Your Apache Server

The Perfect HTACCESS File for Your Apache Server

Subscribe Are on the hunt for the perfect htaccess file for your apache server? The truth is there is no one real universal htaccess file that covers all websites. Every website will have something unique that they specifically have to deal with. However there are a lot of common things out there that are similar Read More

Installing and Configuring WAMP for the First Time

Installing and Configuring WAMP for the First Time

Subscribe Installing and Configuring WAMP for the First Time can be a daunting task. The process is actually a lot simpler than many people think. WAMP has come a long way and made the process quite simple. What is WAMP used for? WAMP installs on a windows machine and can give you an internet environment Read More

SSL Now Ranking Factor in Google Search Engine


Subscribe Google announced August 6th of this year that an SSL on your website will affect where you rank in their search engine. For those that took the Web Development Strategy course sponsored by A1WEBSITEPRO you learned that making your registration private is not the greatest thing to do. Why? Because it is a warning Read More

Changing Permalinks in WordPress Properly


Subscribe Changing permalink structure in WordPress properly can be a very cumbersome task. Some webmasters feel the need to change their permalink structure and for good reason. CTR or the “click though rate” for blogs without the date in their permalink are higher than those that do not have it. Some are getting the date Read More

WP Super Cache Settings for Optimal Performance

Subscribe WP Super Cache Settings are important to the caching of your website. Caching your website will help your site load faster on several different types of browsers. If you want to know how to clear your cache in different browsers please see our articles, “How To Clear Your Cache“. This article is about the Read More

htaccess redirect to no www include ssl

htaccess redirect

Subscribe htaccess redirect to no www include ssl So there are sometimes when we need to htaccess redirect our site to an ssl and remove the www part of it. Here is a code to help webmasters do that. What you need to do is look for the file called .htaccess. It will be in Read More

Redirect IP Address Using htaccess

redirects htacess

Subscribe Redirect IP Address using htaccess Redirect IP Address Using htaccess to get rid of annoying visitors that come to leave you spam. Better yet would you not like to tell them off with a web page especially for them? You can even redirect an entire country to a certain page or even another website altogether Read More