WP Super Cache Settings for Optimal Performance

WP Super Cache Settings are important to the caching of your website. Caching your website will help your site load faster on several different types of browsers. If you want to know how to clear your cache in different browsers please see our articles, “How To Clear Your Cache“. This article is about the settings using the wp-super cache plugin for WordPress. You can download wp-supercache here. Remember there are different types of cache.

  • Computer Cache
  • ISP Cache
  • Browser Cache
  • Search Engine Cache
  • Website Cache

You can lean more about the different types of cache in our article entitled, “How to speed up Your Website“. The cache that we are concentrating on here is your websites cache and it is important to note that these are the settings that we are going to concern ourselves with. Website cache will determine the other types of cache but it must be set up properly.

Why Website Speed is Important

Website speed is important because algorithms are now considering speed when they place you in a search engine rank.  So if you have a great article about a certain subject and you have a a very slow website then an inferior article might be placed above you in the search engines thereby costing you valuable visits.

How Does WP-Super Cache Work?

There are 2 words to remember, “Static” and “Dynamic”.  A “Static” webpage is much faster because it does not have to generate dynamic content. Think of “Static HTML” as a piece of paper with some writing on it.  All you have to do is walk over and pick it up and look at it. The print and ink on that piece of paper is “Static”. “Dynamic” means that there has to be some work done in order to generate a visualization of content. Think of this like your TV remote. You click it on, the monitor warms up display some light and you are able to see an image. This is done by the TV accessing data resources. WP Super Cache Settings for Optimal Performance

WP Super Cache Settings for Optimal Performance 2

How does this relate to WordPress and WP Super Cache? Think of super cache turning your TV data into a piece of paper that you go over and pick up and be able to see any image that the TV dynamically displays. That is how WP Super Cache works for most of the dynamic content that is on your website.

Now you know what static files are. It is important to note that these “Static Files” are served to your visitors that are NOT logged in or have NOT left a comment.  Why? Because if you leave a comment or make a change on your website you want to see the new fresh content. Being served a cached file of the content means that you might not be seeing the freshest content on your website. That leads us to garbage collection that we will be talking about more below in the settings.

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