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Using Crypt to Encrypt Password in PHP

PHP Web Development

Subscribe Sometimes we need to encrypt a password hash in php before inserting it into the database. The code below will reveal this information. $1$aGwdyCbv$dwOWTv3mGDXIH0tHK7Ova1 hash [code]<?php $passwordtohash = ‘mypassword’; $hash = crypt($passwordtohash); echo $hash; echo $passwordtohas; ?>[/code] Explaining the Crypt Code and Process The php variable of $pass is holding within it “hash”. We Read More

Viewports for Mobile Header Tags Quick Reference

Viewports for Mobile Header Tags Quick Reference

Subscribe Viewports for Mobile Header tags are something that I think we should be able to just copy and paste. It makes things faster when you are programming. A Viewport tag will auto enlarge text on smaller screens so they are mobile friendly. You would put this code in your header.php file. [code]<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, Read More

Google Data Highlighter Bing Seo Analyzer Prepare For Google Shopping


Subscribe Introduction: Google data highlighter is a tool that helps Google index. The Bing SEO analyzer is Bing’s tool for indexing. Let’s prepare for Google shopping & google search console. Prerequisites Before you perform what is contained in this lesson you will have to have Google Search Console set up with your website.  If you do Read More

Organic Indexing Submit To Google Or Bing Search Engine Submissions

Subscribe Submitting your products to Google and Bing for indexing is easy after you have the accounts set up.  URL submissions to the search engines are free. This is “Organic Indexing”.   Preliminary Steps Before Submission Remember that your post, products or pages are not indexed until you submit them. So take your time to make Read More

Guerilla Marketing Product and Service Descriptions

Marketing Guerilla Style

Subscribe Welcome to the Guerilla Marketing Course. We as business owners know that in order to be in business we have to have a product or service to sell. Download Audio of this Article Listen to Audio Online Guerilla Marketing Product and Service Descriptions What you may not be aware of is that your Read More

Child Themes in WordPress for Beginners Part 2 CSS


Subscribe Child themes in WordPress for beginners part 2 CSS is a continuation of WordPress child theme creation tutorial.  So if you have not completed that tutorial you may want to look at it before you do this one. What We Are Going to Learn Browser to target CSS. Identify id’s to make changes. “#” Identify Read More

Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website


Subscribe Scripts can boost visits and longevity to your website if used properly. Here is an example of the problem. The Website Visit Problem Someone comes to your website, load the page. They probably have about 200 tabs open in their browser and your website is in one of those tabs. They leave that loaded Read More

WordPress Child Theme Creation Tutorial

Subscribe Welcome to WordPress Child Theme Tutorial Creation. Here are some of the benefits to creating a child theme in WordPress. Why Create A WordPress Child Theme? It takes less time to create. You can take advantage of parent theme functions. You can take advantage of parent theme CSS styles. You can also use the Read More



Subscribe If you are dealing with empty tags in WordPress you have come to the right place. I have a very simple solution for you to carry out. Thanks to CSS3 we have a selector that will look for anything that is empty in your website and put a “display:none” commend to those empty tags. Read More

Setting Up a Cursor Pointer in CSS

Setting Up a Cursor Pointer in CSS

Subscribe This tutorial will be on setting up a cursor pointer in CSS. There are many methods to setting up a cursor pointer in CSS. A webmaster or web developer can virtually set up unlimited amounts of pointers in CSS. Below is a list of cursor styles in CSS that you can easily implement. Hover Read More

Scalable Vector Graphics in Google Draw and Use In WordPress

Subscribe You can create Scalable Vector Graphics in Google Draw and use in WordPress easily. This is a very easy and fun process. Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG files do not lose quality when they are zooming in on. Check out this SVG file that I created in Google Draw. Notice when you zoom in Read More

Overview of GIMP Selection Tools For Beginners


Subscribe Here is an overview of GIMP selection tools for beginners. First save the image below to your computer and open it up in GIMP. You can save the file by right clicking over top of the image and click “save as”. You can name the file whatever you like but be sure to remember where you Read More

Creating A File in GIMP The First TIme

Creating A File in GIMP The First TIme

Subscribe When you create a file in GIMP the first time you will see that you have several options to consider. GIMP was actually designed to be image manipulation software, however you can paint with it as well. GIMP has several different paint brushes and patterns to use that come installed with the software. The following Read More

GIMP Review For Free Photo Editing Software

Gimp Review

Subscribe This is a GIMP review for free photo editing Software. Most photo editors come with a price tag but the GIMP image editor is FREE. In my opinion GIMP is the best photo editor that is free and easy to use. Why Use GIMP? GIMP is an excellent pic editor that can manipulate photos Read More

GIMP Free Download Instructions for Windows or Mac

Subscribe Follow these  GIMP free download Instructions for Windows or Mac. GIMP is an acronym for Graphics and Image Manipulation Program. The task is simple. Download either the torrent file or a direct .zip file. I prefer the direct GIMP zip file. The website will know automatically what operating system you’re running so you download Read More