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what is web development

Q. What is Web Development

A. Web development includes all aspects of computer programming for the internet. Web development includes the programming for eCommerce sites, blogging sites, content management systems and the coding of websites from the ground up. Mobile websites are also included in web development especially since this day and age there are so many mobile users of the internet.

Q. What is a web developer

A. A web developer is someone who knows how to code websites in various computer languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script and more. They usually use code editors like Dreamweaver, NotePad Plus Plues or TextMate if they are on a mac. A Web developer can take any picture or mockup that you create of a website and turn it into a live functioning website.

Q. What is the difference of web developer and web designer?

A. A web designer is more of an artist. They can create great looking web pages. A Web Designer will concentrate on the look and feel of a website and create several pages of art for a website. A web developer can then take that mock up and code it to become a real website.

Our Web Development Group

Web development design

When it comes to development and design the most important thing to think about is the future. You must have a website that will grow with your business. If you have a website that limits your growth you should look for alternatives to your small business web development needs. Our success is your success when it comes to online business. Serious business owners are our best customers and will go the distance that is needed for online success. Our agency offers affordable web development no matter what your needs are.


When it comes to search engine optimization you must have a website that is structured well. The spiders for Google, Bing and Yahoo read information in a certain way and then index it accordingly. You can optimize this structure by creating content in certain areas of your web page framework. This is another way were our web development strategy can help your business. We know what kind of files gets indexed by the search engine and we know what to name those files for your business. After all you did find our webpage here using a similar term, ;-).


We have a long list of things that we do when it comes to the internet. We have many eCommerce sites, blogging sites, artist websites and service based websites. Below is a slideshow that shows just a few of those websites that we have done. You can click on any frame that will take you to that website. You can read the complete list at our portfolio page.

Web Development School

Web Development And Design School


There are a lot of folks out there that like to do as much of the work as they can themselves. We literally have hundreds of tutorials on our website and our YouTube page to help you learn about your site and what it needs. We have tutorials for PHP, HTML, CSS and other computer languages. We also have tutorial for content management systems like WordPress, ZenCart, OpenCart and more. If you are in need of a tutorial just use our search bar at the top of this website.


Sometimes the tutorials are not enough and webmasters want to get into the deep root of the web. Some companies take advantage of our web development strategy course that we offer to the public. They will either come themselves or send an employee to be trained and certified by our training school. These are 8 week training courses and they start every month. They last 2 hours for one session and happen 1 day a week. The class starts out with a Power Point presentation then Q & A. There are in depth course materials that are easy to understand. The students that want to be certified are then given assessments and receive certificates.


We take certification seriously at our school. Since the certification has our company name on it we want to make sure that the student is prepared to tackle the following 3 subjects. 1. Basic Web Development 2. Search Engine Optimization 3. Social Media Marketing The student will have 2 opportunities to take the assessment tests. If he cannot pass then they must repeat the course either online or in our live classroom.


If you would like to enroll for the classes please click here, web development strategy course. The classes begin the first Wednesday or Thursday of every month and then last for 8 weeks. If you have any questions about the course feel free to contact us.

What is WordPress?what is wordpress?

Learning WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that far supersedes any online CMS. We highly recommend this system to our clients that are looking for an alternative to a custom made website. If you were to pay a web developer to program a website like WordPress CMS you would be looking at about a $75,000 price tag. You can learn WordPress fairly quickly with no programming knowledge. In our web development strategy course we go in depth into the WordPress system for our students. As with any CMS there is a learning curve to making it work for you. We take the mystery out of learning WordPress and walk you though the process step by step.

WordPress Tutorials

While using WordPress sometimes you just need a quick answer to your question. That is why we designed the section of our website just for WordPress tutorials. We cover everything from logging into the WordPress dashboard and the login URL that will get you to the WordPress login page. Take advantage of the search feature on our website to help you find what you’re looking for. If you cannot find it then contact me. I am in my office every day and I have email access 24/7 so if you send me a message from this website I will get it immediately!

Best WordPress Plugins

The top WordPress plugins that everyone should be using are, 1. Akisment 2. Yoast SEO 3. WP-Optimize Don’t forget we also make custom plugins for WordPress here are some products in our store for our visitors. 

WordPress Review

Blogspot vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress

BlogSpot and Blogger are the same thing. I have had to convert a lot of bloggers to the WordPress CMS from this sytem. If you want to stay with blogger then keep in mind if you plan on doing it very long you will run into issues with space and functionality. BlogSpot is a great way to get started but why not just start it off right with a WordPress CMS? Save yourself time, money and aggrevation by starting with a WordPress CMS, you will get there sooner or later. Drupal vs WordPress Drupal is a lot more complicated than WordPress to learn. The learning curve to WordPress will come quicker to most people and the ability to migrate plugin and functionality like sliders, jquery and more are a lot easier and more efficient on a WordPress website. In your dashboard you have access free WordPress themes although I do not recommend using them. They are nice to help you come up with ideas about your own theme or WordPress template. You can preview thousands of them. This will help your WordPress web designer as well as you show them the themes that you are interested in. There are literally tons of WordPress widgets that you can take advantage of. You can utilize search bars to making ads for AdSense and other money making revenues. We teach all about this in depth in our strategy courses.

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