What is Web Development?

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Q. What is Web Development *

A. Web development includes all aspects of computer programming for the internet. Web development includes the programming for eCommerce sites, blogging sites, content management systems and the coding of websites from the ground up. Mobile websites are also included in web development especially since this day and age there are so many mobile users of the internet.

Q. What is a web developer *

A. A web developer is someone who knows how to code websites in various computer languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script and more. They usually use code editors like Dreamweaver, NotePad Plus Plus or TextMate if they are on a mac. A Web developer can take any picture or mockup that you create of a website and turn it into a live functioning website.

Q. What is the difference of web developer and web designer? *

A. A web designer is more of an artist. They can create great looking web pages. A Web Designer will concentrate on the look and feel of a website and create several pages of art for a website. A web developer can then take that mock up and code it to become a real website.

Q. What is different about A1WEBSITEPRO compared to other web development companies? *

A. At A1WEBSITEPRO You speak to the person in charge of your web development projects. You will not be speaking to a person reading from a computer screen, you will be speaking to someone who knows your name and what you are trying to do. A1WEBSITEPRO is a personal company and tries to handle your business the way we handle ours. Our clients even call us when we are home. Web development and customer service is our career not our job. We love to do it and that is why we are here. We do not hide behind a name, we are the name and try to represent it to the best of our ability. You will know our personal names and we will know yours and that is how we form long personal business relationships.