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SERP as we have learned is an acronym for “Search Engine Rank Position” or “Search Engine Results Page”. This is what you have to do with your web page before submitting it to the search engine. Set everything up like we have discussed, before asking to be indexed by the search engines. Go over and over your webpage and make sure that you addressed all the elements that we have talked about. Make good use of the Yoast WordPress Plugin to determine your keyword density and its use. Everything should be as perfect as you can make it before the big day of asking to be indexed. Publishing and indexing are 2 different things, do not get them confused. Just because you publish a webpage does not mean that it is going to be indexed. We will be studying this more in depth in lesson 7 however we will now learn the steps that it takes to have a webpage indexed in the Google Search Engine.


  1. Type into Google, “Google Webmaster Tools”
  2. Click on the link
  3. You will see a screen like this. SERP AND INDEXING
  4. Enter your web address URL and click, “Add A Site”
  5. Next you will see a screen like this
  6. If you are familiar with FTP and uploading and downloading you can download the html file and upload it to the root directory of your website.
  7. For those on a WordPress CMS with the Yoast Plugin the process is much simpler. Click on “Alternate Methods” and you will see a screen like this. SERP AND INDEXING
  8. Click on HTML tag, you will see a screen like this appear. Copy that code to your clip board and then sign in to your WordPress dashboard.
  9. Scroll down to the Yoast WordPress plug in and click on dashboard. You will see a place to put your code.
  11. Go back to your Google Webmaster Tools and click on verify. If you are successful you will see a screen like this.
  12. Now click on “continue” and you will be logged in to your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.
  13. Click on the “Crawl” section on the left. Then “fetch as Google and enter in the last part of your url after the .com and click fetch. This is how you tell Google you are ready.SERP AND INDEXING
  14. Now Google will fetch your URL and spider it and index it according to their algorithm. Usually this process only takes a few minutes but can take days before you are indexed with a new site.
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