Export PDF in Libre Office Writer

Libre Office Writer comes with the capability to export your document as a PDF.  In previous posts we discussed the menu in Libre Office Writer and how to customize it. Now in this tutorial make sure that you have the “Standard” tool bar available to you. If you do not see the little PDF icon then go to “View” > “Toolbars” and make sure “Standard” is clicked.

PDF icon in Libre Office Writer

Export PDF in Libre Writer

Now that you see the icon you can simply click on it and aa box will appear asking you to name your file. After naming your file and pick the destination folder click the “Save” button. That is is then you are done!

Exporting PDF file in Libre Office Writer

Now, go find your file and open it by double clicking it.

Video on Exporting PDF in Libre Office Writer

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export pdf in libre office writer


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