Libre Office Writer | Menu Overview and Layout | Beginners Guide

In Libre Office Writer lets do a menu overview and go over the layout. Knowing where things are is going to make you more efficient when it comes to this application. The good news about Libre is unlike many other writing programs it is not going to change on you every time there is an update. So lets get started.

Libre Office Writer Text Menu Verse Icon Menu

The Idea that there is both a text menu and an Icon menu confuses some. The icon menu was created to make it easier to navigate but I do wonder if this was a two edge sword for some. Please remember that you can control  the icons for the most part and it is up to you what you do and do not want there.

Icon Layout

Consider please these two different layouts. The first one is obviously  different than the second one in that the first graphic has a formatted option and the second screenshot does not reveal a formatted option.

Notice in the yellow highlight there you can see the formatted options in the graphic below it is turned off.

Highlighted Format Option in Libre Office Writer

Highlighted Format Option in Libre Office Writer

Unformattted option Libre Office

Unformattted option Libre Office

Turning Formatting Options On and Off

If you want to turn this  option on or off go to the “view” menu item. Hover over “Toolbars” and the click the box called “Formatting”.  You will notice as you do this that there are several different options to choose from. Feel free to customize it to fit your style of writing.

Turning OptionTurning Options on or Off in Libres on or OffLibre

Turning Options on or Off in Libre

The Text Menu and Icons Match

Please note that the text menu and icons match but not totally. For  example you will not find the “help” item in an icon. You must simply go up to the “help” text menu item and click on it to get those options. So lets go over a few matching text and icon menu items in Libre Office, shall we?

Lets also not forget that there are “Quick Keys” so once you get to be a more advanced user you can take advantage of  optimizing your workflow with this feature. So once you have Libre Office installed on your computer open up “Writer”. There you should see an empty document waiting for your greatness to be filled into its blank pages.

New File Libre Office Writer

While you have to program open on your screen you can simply hit the quick keys “Control >  N” and that will create a new Libre Office Writer Document for you. There are also two other ways to accomplish this. You can click on the writer icon that looks like this.

new file libre office writer

new file

Then there is the old fashion tried and true go to “File>New>Text Document”.

Writer New Text Document

Writer New Text Document

Libre Office Writer Cheat Sheet

I thought it was appropriate that we have a Libre Office Writer Cheat Sheet. This can help us streamline our work and not have a bunch of unnecessary text. Here are a few commands that you will be using quite often. We will be going over more as we progress through the lessons.


Action Path Quick Key Icon
New File File > New > Text Document Ctrl/N

new writer document

new writer document

Open File File > Open Ctrl / O

open document

open document

Save File File > Save Ctrl / S

save document

save document

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libre office writer menu overview and layout beginners guide

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