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There is a free operating system out there called Ubuntu. It is a very High Quality OS that can open up your world in many ways. If you are stuck in the windows nightmare or are fed up with Mac, try Ubuntu. This post will help you with installing Ubuntu but let me tell you why I like it so much first.

Why I Like The Ubuntu Linux Operating System

I like the Ubuntu Linux System because of its high quality and enormous support. Paid programs and Operating Systems cannot compare
to all the free high quality support you get with an Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Not to mention that the Ubuntu Operating System is 100% free! I also enjoy the speed at which Ubuntu operates. You will see a significant change when you switch from windows or Mac to the Ubuntu system.

Debunking Myths and Conceptions About Ubuntu OS

I find it incumbent upon me to debunk myths and misconceptions about the Ubuntu OS. You always will hear much praise about it being free and a good OS for old computers. I find that kind of strange, Ubuntu is awesome for new computers and old computers.

High Quality OS Ubuntu Linux Graphics

You may hear that Ubuntu Linux Graphics suck however that could not be further from the truth. You can manipulate graphics and video very effectively in Ubuntu. In fact just about everything Adobe provides can be substituted for somethings that is available free on Ubuntu Linux. I will be teaching about these applications in future tutorials.

Free Operating System

Some may say that if you get a Free Operating System then you will get what you pay for. This is just false when it comes to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a very high quality OS with awesome features, capabilities and useful applications.

Installing Ubuntu Linux System

Here is some help on Installing Ubuntu Linux System. What I am about to tell ou here may be outdated by the year 2021. I run Ubuntu 16:xx.xx this is because this version is the most stable. There is more support for this version than the other new ones 17 or 18. So I will be sticking with this one until the year 2021. I will then take another look at the 18 version after everyone has worked out the bugs and developed the new applications that I use for that version. If you feel brave then by all means go ahead and try version 18 I know it will still beat any version of WIndows or Mac that is out there.

Different Ubuntu Installations

Video For Ubuntu 16 Windows

Video To Install Ubuntu 18 Windows

Video Install Ubuntu 16 Mac

Video Install Ubuntu 18 Mac

Video Install Ubuntu On Old Mac Laptop

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Free Operating System High Quality OS Installing Ubuntu Linux System

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