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Data Encryption Php MySql Methods Implementation Open SSL Encrypt

Data Encryption with Php and MySql is very important. Some programmers wonder about the methods and implementation of different processes for data encryption. In this article we are going to discuss a sure way to encrypt your data with Open SSL before storing it in MySql.

UPDATE: I posted a newer version of this tutorial here. BEST PHP ENCRYPTION DECRYPTION MYSQL TUTORIAL | PROACTIVE METHODS (a1websitepro.com) I am sure you will find it more informative with more codes to examine and download.

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The short end of the story is you must have a key to lock and unlock the data. This tutorial is for advanced data technicians, but we are going to make it simple so anyone can understand.

Data Encryption Key With Php

You need to set a data encryption key. We can store this key on a separate server, but this is for another tutorial. The key can be short or long and can contain numbers, letters and symbols. You can use uppercase or lowercase letters. I recommend making it at least 45 characters long. Here is an example.

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$key = 'qkwjdiw239&&jdafweihbrhnan&^%$ggdnawhd4njshjwuuO';

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Data Encryption Php MySql Methods Implementation Open SSL Encrypt

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