Change Facebook Password | Easy Instructions

To change Facebook password log into Facebook. At the very top right you will see a little blue arrow pointing down. Click on that arrow then you will see a menu appear. I highlighted it in red marker.

facebook-change-passwordAfter clicking on the arrow you will see a menu appear that looks like this. Scroll towards the bottom and click on “settings”. To go directly to the setting page on Facebook you can also click here and go directly there, do not worry it will open in a new tab so you do not lose your place. .

facebook-change-password-tutorialNavigating The Settings Page

Now that you are on the settings page focus on the top left hand side of the page.

Facebook Settings PageSecurity and Login Page

When you are on the “Security and Login” page look towards the center of the page. You will see a little “Edit” button, click on that.

change password on facebook

When you click on that button a new page will not open, it will just kick out a box. Do not get confused when you click it. The image below shows you what you will see. You will have to enter your old password then enter your new password 2 times. After you are all done click “Save Changes”.

areas to fill out to change password Review Other Devices

Once you have your password successfully changed Facebook will ask you if you want to review “Other Devices” that may be logged into your account. This is a good idea to do if you have been hacked. So when you get to this part click on “Review other devices” and then click the blue “Continue” button.

review other devices

If you get a pop up asking you to leave the page click the blue button, “Leave This Page”. Do not worry, you can always come back and make other changes.


Log Out Other Users On Your Facebook Account

Now that you are on this page you can view all the devices and locations that are logged into your Facebook account. If you look over to the right you will see 3 vertical dots that are lined up to each device and location. Click on the 3 dots of a device and location that are not familiar to you. This is where the hacker is on your account so you need to remove them!

logged in devices on facebook

Here is what it looks like when you click on the 3 vertical dots. Click on the words that say “Log Out”. Once you do this that device and location will disappear which indicates that you are not logged out of that particular device.

not you log out

If you accidentally logged yourself out just log back in like you normally would and then you can start the steps in this post over again. If you have any questions please ask them below.

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