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Here is the scoop. We take you from having no knowledge at all about computer programming. If you are on this page and you have the capability to watch videos you are all set.

Preliminary Lesson

Since we are dealing with people on different computers we have made 2 tutorials to get you started with the lesson below. This tutorial will show you how to create a file on your desktop that we do in each lesson.

If you use Windows, click here to watch video.

If you use Mac click here to watch the video.

Take these lessons in order if you are a beginner. This way you will learn accurately . If you have any questions there is a box below each post where you can ask questions.  Here are the lessons in order.

  1. Absolute Beginner HTML
  2. Image tags and Embeding
  3. Div Tags Id’s and Classes
  4. HTML Tables
  5. Links and Linking
  6. Ordered List and Unordered List
  7. HTML5 Forms
  8. What is CSS
  9. Coding Websites with CSS
  10. JavaScript Absolute Beginner
  11. JavaScript HTML DOM Events
  12. JavaScript IF ELSE Statements
  13. JavaScript “OR” “AND” statements in Conditional Loop
  14. JavaScript Switch Statement Function
  15. JavaScript Getting A Value
  16. JavaScript Arrays How To use Them
  17. JavaScript Array Methods for Absolute Beginners
  18. External CSS Libraries



JavaScript Arrays for Absolute Beginners


JavaScript Arrays can hold several pieces of data in one string. This is how we set a JavaScript Array. JavaScript Array Syntax The above data values are stored in a variable. They are separated by commas and quotes. Showing Results From A JavaScript Array The process of showing the results from an array starts with Read More

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JavaScript Array Methods For Absolute Beginners


There are JavaScript methods that you can take advantage of when you need to. We like to propose applications where you can use such methods. This helps you to understand them better. In this lesson today we are going to use a JavaScript method of push to show a random number. Set The JavaScript Array Read More

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Using External CSS Libraries Absolute Beginner

Using External CSS Libraries Absolute Beginner

You can use external CSS libraries to help code you website faster. CSS Libraries are CSS code preprogrammed. Once you know the structure of CSS code then you just name your elements or “tags” after the libraries structure. Many of the CSS libraries that are available help you create responsive websites. Programming CSS Code In Read More

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