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Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do?

Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do? Well find out who they are from the whois database on a1websitepro.com. Then buy a ski mask and rifle and then go to their house! Ask them in a kind but firm way to remove the plagiarized content. If they refuse raise the rifle slightly higher and pull back the hammer and ask again.  Remind them that it is against your religion to ask a third time. If this seems a little extreme to you then read on. 🙂

What is plagiarism?

According to Google it is

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the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

Basically it is a copy cat, and it is against the LAW in the USA to practice such things.  Does this stop people? NO! So what can you do about it? The first measure you should take is watermarking your images. You should not stop there, if you are an artist or a serious blogger then you should prevent people from stealing your images with the image protect plugin. Subscribers to this website get it free here Copy Cat Plugin

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Further Plagiarism Protection

You know my clients are some serious bloggers. Collectively they get billions of page views each month. Some just want all content prevented from being copied and that is why I created the “NO COPY CATS” plugin for WordPress Subscribers to this website get it free.

What is the difference between Image Protect and No Copy Cats? Image protect only protects your images and will deliver a little warning when people are trying to right click over your images. If you have share buttons or pinterest buttons they will still work, so there is no need to worry about that. You will also still have your images indexed in Google and Bing images if you are optimizing your images that way.

Copy cat will not let anyone highlight or right click over any of your content. Please see the video below. This plugin will still permit you to be indexed in the image searches and all share buttons including pinterest will still be active on your website.

Can I use both plugins together?

Yes you can use them together and they will not interfere with each other or any other plugin for that matter. It will double up the protection on your website because even if a person disables javascript in their browser they will have a secret recipe waiting for them when they realize that it is more than javascript protecting your content. 😉

Is this 100% full proof?

NO!  people can still take screenshots from their computer if they have that capability or knowledge. However this will greatly reduce any effort some thief will go too. Thieves prey on the easy targets. 😉

If you find someone that already copied your content then take these steps. 

  1. report it to Google
  2. Another Way to Report to Google
  3. Look up their contact information on the whois database.
  4. Send them a cease and desist letter. Click here to download a sample. Reference https://www.plagiarismtoday.com/
  5. Give them 72 hours then contact their hosting provider and give them the cease and desist letter. Most websites are on shared servers and the host is obligated by law to abide by it.
  6. Take legal action!

More On Plagiarism

There is another site out there on plagiarism and how to check for it.  They are called https://www.plagiarismcheckerfree.com check them out here.



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