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The Google AdSense program is for honest people only. There are mechanisms installed into the Google AdSense program that can detect if the same person is clicking on the ads over and over again. So that being said, if you want to take advantage of extra income that selling advertising on your website can bring, enroll in the Google AdSense program. The requirements for signing up are as follows.

  1. You must have a website with content on it.
  2. You can then enroll in the AdSense program by going to http://google.com/adsense
  3. After that you will have to wait a week or two before Google comes and visits your site to see if it meets the criteria for AdSense.
  4. During the signup process you have to promise a few things.
    1. You will not click on the ads on your site.
    2. You cannot have pop ups on your site
    3. You cannot tell people to click the ads
    4. You cannot try to trick people into clicking on your ads

Why use Google AdSense?

They are the highest paying advertisement agency for websites. They serve relevant content to your visitors so that when a spider comes to your site it will see that you have ads that are relevant to your content and to what the searcher is searching for. So by having Google AdSense on your website you not only get income from it you benefit from serving your visitors with relevant ads that are linked to relevant pages on the internet. This can greatly increase your SERP as well.

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