SEO Tutorial

SEO Tutorial

SEO TutorialThis can be a SEO tutorial for beginners intermediate or advanced users. The principles are the same and all laid out for you here. This is a SEO tutorial step by step so be ready to spend at least 20 minutes at your computer while you learn these steps. In this free SEO tutorial you will learn how to use the Google Keyword Planner as well as Google Trends to create an article that will be indexed well in the search engines. Once you have an idea about what you want to write then take it first to the Google Trends site and see what kind of interest there is in it. If it looks like the forecast is looking bad then go to the Key Word Planner. Once there enter your term that you want to write about, try to find one with low competition but higher searches. If you want to know how to SEO you have to know about targeting your audience with keyword phrases. In the video below I saw the “bodybuilding” got a million and a half searches. The problem with that is that is a broad keyword. You have to look at it though the searchers perspective. Someone looking for “bodybuilding” could be looking for weights, supplements, diets and more. So we must target our keyword phrase better so I chose “Muscle Building Diet” as my keyword phrase.

SEO Process Steps

Step one is covered in the above paragraph. The second thing that you want to do is use the other keywords that have low or medium competition within your articles. When you insert images make sure that you use alt tags that contain the keyword phrase. Use heading tags and many variations of your keyword phrase throughout your articles. Watch the video below to see how the process works and I believe that you will find it very helpful to rank for your keywords.

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