SEO Setup for promoting, marketing and sharing is an important aspect for your SEO Marketing goal. SEO is all about the content that is on one particular page. You need to consider every link that is on that page. To ignore even the weakest link on that page is to do yourself a disservice. Only include relevant content on your webpage.

SEO Setup For Link Strategy

SEO setup for link strategy is one that cannot be ignored. The links on this page must have something to do with SEO. The links that I link to must be related to SEO. Look at my menu items above. Some of them have nothing to do with SEO. What can I do about it? There are a couple things. Let’s discuss them in details.

Add rel=”nofollow”

The way I handled some of my links was to put a rel=nofollow attribute in them. What does this do? It tells a search engine spider not to follow those links when indexing my article. This way I do not get discredited when my web page is being crawled for indexing. Read more about nofollow links here. This is as great an SEO setup to follow as using a keyword position checker is.

Remove Irrelevant Links

The other option that you have is to remove the irrelevant links altogether. You may need to add a custom menu for the other pages on your website. Then you would hide them when on irrelevant pages. You can see an example of how I do this on my programming lessons in one of the links above.

Sharing Your Site Content

Give users the ability to easily share your content this is part of the SEO setup. There are tons of different share button applications out there. If you are using WordPress you can visit the plugin repository to get a plugin that will let people share your content.

Our Test Website Project

Our test website project is going to be we are going to take this site from where it is now and increase the traffic. There are already tons of great content on the site we just need to take care of a few things before we market it. One of those things are the share buttons.

How To Monitor Website With Analytics

We are going to use Google analytics to monitor the website and track our progress. Right now we are going to take a snapshot of the users for the past week. We can see that the site gets an average of 3 to 5 users a day for the past week. Our goal is to keep doubling the traffic to the site.

using analytics to track progress of a website marketing plan

Click Bait For Marketing

Along with adding share buttons to the test site I will be making suggestions in order to get more clicks. No one will click on something that does not interest them, so we have to use our imaginations. One way to get our imagination juices flowing is to look and see what other people are doing. Look for groups in your niche. Some great places to check are facebook and Google communities. You want to look for the ones in your niche and join them.

More On Your Group Photos

When you are looking through the groups notice the graphics or pictures that are getting the most responses. We want to look for engagements. See how many people are liking that photo, commenting on it and so on. Now you will kn0w what kind of photo for you to make. A great looking photo is enough to get more traffic to your website.

Videos And Your Site Content

As you scroll through your groups you will probably see videos too. Take notice of how they are made. Look for engagements, if it is getting a lot of engagements then you want to use something similar on your site to get traffic to your site.

The Funnel Effect

The entire process is made to funnel people to your website. The more traffic you get the better. You must be interesting. If you are not interesting then you might want to consider another line of work. You cannot be afraid to go over the top and do things that you might not ordinarily do. Every piece of click bait that we share should be to funnel people to your site.

Stay tuned as we take a site that has low traffic to having high quality traffic, we’ll be using the best internet marketing service!


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