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Providing Mac Support Future of PC Microsoft HoloLens

Providing Mac support was a hard decision for me. I am a PC guy and have been for 25 years. However I have also worked with Mac’s in the past, I just wasn’t that crazy about them. However many of my clients have Mac’s so I felt compelled to buy 4 mac computers and start offering tutorials and support for them.  One thing Mac has done is make it nearly impossible for a PC users to upload apps to their app store without a Mac. Since we are creating more and more IOS applications I thought this was also a necessary thing to do.

Future tutorials on this website and my YouTube channels will be Mac and PC friendly. If it wasn’t for all my Mac clients out there this would not even be an issue for me, lol.

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The Future of PC and Mac’s

The future holds some pretty big improvements for the PC user. Windows 10 with the hologram is going to be hard to match for Mac. I do not know if Windows cornered this market but it would definitely be a good business move for them. Check out the following video that will be included in the Windows 10.

Still want to use a Mac? Well here are your hologram options! LMAO!

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Well anyway, I am sure that Mac will come up with something that is going to be super expensive and a massive upgrade that you have to PAY an arm and leg for when you want to use their software.

Cost of Windows Hologram


Well it looks like Windows is not going to release the cost of the hololens just yet but I am thinking it may be in the very affordable $300 to $600  range and I will be one of the first to jump on board with this. By the way the upgrade to Windows 10 is FREE! 😉

For more information on hololends from Microsoft see Microsoft HoloLens,


Microsoft Hololens on Cnet

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