Web Development Strategy Course Book

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Web Development Strategy Course Book

Web Development Strategy Course Book includes eight full and informative lessons to guide you in learning our uniquely designed Web Development Strategy. This educational material covers everything you need to know to build a successful online business.

What does this book provide?

Each Lesson has been written out in great detail with easy to follow instructions. The Web Development Strategy Course Book is the ultimate guide to start you from the very beginning and show you the greatest techniques to follow for success. We present the most efficient methods for choosing a domain name that will showcase your business line and how to set it up on the correct kind of server and hosting plan depending on your level of content. We teach you how to make Search Engine Optimized content and how to utilize the techniques that can get you listed higher in the search engines for better assurance that you will reach a higher volume of targeted traffic to your website.

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Web Development Strategy Book Contents

The Lessons are lined up in a Chapter format covering the following content:

  • CHAPTER 1: Picking a Content Management System
  • CHAPTER 2: Setting Up The CMS
  • CHAPTER 3: It’s All About The “Eye Candy”!
  • CHAPTER 4: Writing Deep Informative Material
  • CHAPTER 5: Additions & Affiliates
  • CHAPTER 6: Social Media & Backlinks

Getting the Live Course

This book is used as the course material for the Web Development Strategy Course available for enrollment. The live class gives you more interaction with a live instructor who will answer all of your questions as you go through each lesson together in a live classroom atmosphere. Contact Us for more information or to enroll in the live class.

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2 reviews for Web Development Strategy Course Book

  1. David Hemphill

    This is a very intense course, but explains step by step of how to build a website from scratch. Anyone wanting a successful website this is well worth the money.

  2. Kim Wright

    This book covers a lot of information about what it entails building a website. I would recommend it to anyone interested in increasing their online presence and growing their business.

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