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Photoshop Tutorials in Youngstown Ohio

Famous “quick keys” for Photoshop that literally make designing a breeze!

Of course, there are your standard quick keys –

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  • Ctrl+C (Copy)
  • Ctrl+V (Paste)

Then we have the less-heard-of, less-used quick keys that every graphic or web designer needs to know about:

  • Ctrl+X (Cut)
  • Ctrl+S (Save) Always save your work often!
  • Ctrl+J (Duplicate a layer)
  • Ctrl+T (Transform) This one lets you resize and rotate an object
  • Ctrl+D (Deselect)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Z (Undo)
  • Hold Shift and drag the image from a corner when you are in transform mode to keep the object proportionate.
  • Hold Shift down and click on the top layer. While still holding down Shift, click the bottom layer. This selects every layer in the group.
  • Hold down Ctrl and click on any layer. While still holding Ctrl, click on another layer. Now, only those two layers will be selected. You can do this to as many layers as you want. This helps if your layers are not in any order and you only need to select certain ones.
  • Click the cursor on the layer you would like in a folder. Hold down Ctrl and click on any other layers you would like in that same folder. Then click Ctrl+G. Now, all those layers will be in a folder and help you become more organized, especially when you are designing mock ups.
  • Ctrl+A Selects all

These are just a few of my favorites to get you started.
Try playing around with holding Shift down along with a letter, say Shift+G. This will select the paint bucket for you. If you hold Shift+G a second time, it will switch from paint bucket to gradient. It’s pretty cool and you’ll notice that a lot of the quick keys coincide with the commands – Shift+G switches between paint bucket and Gradient. G for Gradient.
Ctrl+S – S for Save.
You get the idea!
Experiment with it, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and have fun!

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