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Opencart Installation on Shared or Dedicated Servers

Opencart Installation on Shared or Dedicated Servers is a process but hopefully I can help make that a little easier for you. This will be an OpenCart series to give you the knowledge that you need to install and run an Opencart CMS. I have created a video tutorial on how to download and upload a template to Opencart, but now that the software is getting more and more popular I think it is time to do a complete series on it.

When you compare OpenCart to WordPress its like comparing Apples to Oranges. It all depends on what the user likes and the interface. However I did notice in the latest releases of OpenCart their dashboard layout is similar to WordPress. They even call it a dashboard instead of an admin panel or something like that.

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Opencart is great if all you are doing is selling products. Its like Zencart or OSCommerce in that regard. However I do find that clients like the interface and the speed that opencart brings with their system. It ‘s also less confusing because you do not have as many options like you do in a wordpress or ZenCart system.

Here is a video that I made on how to download and install OpenCart on your server.

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Opencart Download and Installation

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Opencart Installation on Shared or Dedicated Servers


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