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How To Take Good Photos

How To Take Good Photos Photography 101

There are many different opinions on getting the best picture shot. In the web development and design world it is important that we have “eye candy” on our website. Of the senses “sight” and  “sound” are the only 2 we can take advantage of. If this is not appealing then your visitor will go somewhere else that has better eye candy. So it is important that you know how to take good photos.

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Tips for Taking Pictures of Products

Here are some tips for taking good pictures that you may not have thought about or just overlooked. Either way it may be a good idea to bookmark this post so you can have quick access to it in the future.

  1. Get a tripod if you do not have one. We want to make sure that you are still as possible when taking a picture of a product.
  2. Make sure that camera is clean. remove any dust particles that may be on it. Check the lens to make sure there are no scratches. Alcohol swabs lightly dampened is a good way to get the dust off a lens of a camera.
  3. Outside light is something that you can take advantage of if you do not have the greatest lighting system. taking pictures outdoors in the daytime will give you enough light to get the details in a shot.
  4. Grab some plain white paper and put your product on it. Use it like a background.
  5. Do not rely on your zoom to get in close to a product. Although zoom is helpful you should use it sparingly. get in close to the product and look at the product from different angles.
  6. Next make sure that the flash on your camera is turned off and put the camera in the “Cloudy” or “Grey” mode setting.
  7. If you can adjust the “Aperture” make sure that it is set on long or “A”. Remember back in the old days when someone moved the lens manually in front of the camera and waited 2 seconds before putting it back? Everyone had to be as still as possible. This setting has to do with the shutter speed. You want this to the longest setting on your camera so the image burns deep. If you do not have this setting then dont worry about it.
  8. Do not manually push the button, use the timer on the camera. This will avoid any  blur when taking the shot.
  9. Now go and download GIMP a free photo editing software. This is a free alternative if you do not have photoshop.
  10. Now you can edit your photo, take out the white background, adjust the colors and more!

How To Take Good Photos

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Landscape Photography Tips

  1. When taking pictures of landscape you are looking for scale. Put the scaling measure whatever it may be in the bottom. It can be in the middle, left or right of the bottom. giving the picture some scale will make it more impressive.
  2. Make sure that you have the setting of the camera to “Outdoors”.
  3. Focus on the scale item but don’t blur the background.
  4. Use a tripod to avoid any unwanted blur.
  5. If you want to capture some movement in your picture adjust the shutter speed to be exposed just a fraction of a second longer.
  6. Take outdoor landscape pictures in the evening or morning. That is when the light is best for landscape photography.

Amateur Photography

You do not have to be a pro to know how to Take good photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take lots of photos. I have had good results from my green screen light kit that I bought at amazon. They give you that soft yet bright light that you need for your camera to pick up on the details. I have also had good results using a grey background when the weather is too harsh to take pictures outside. Another alternative is to open your curtains and move the subject closer to the outdoor light. There is nothing like the outdoor light coming though the clouds to make a great shot.

How to Take a Good Picture of Yourself

When someone is on your website they want to know what you look like. Knowing how to take good photos is important in this regard. Oh yeah people judge by looks so taking a good picture of yourself is a great way to make a good first impression. Think about your business and what you want to communicate. Make the photo intriguing and dont forget to smile! Soften or gaussian blur the background a little. Work with the hue and saturation to get a good color. You know what you like but think about what others will think. That is who you are doing it for anyway. I like honesty in my personal photo, I’m a little rough around the edges so I like to show that in my personal photos. Get creative and have fun and don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos of yourself. Set up your living room or side room with a light kit. They can be inexpensive and you will have it for years to come. who knows maybe you will be the next Ansel Adams? lol 😉

ps. Dont forget to watermark your photos!

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