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How to Blog with WordPress using Microsoft Office

If you want to learn how to blog with WordPress using Microsoft Office you have come to the right place. We have the typed out the instructions as well as a video to help you accomplish this goal. Below are the preliminary steps to set up the account with your Microsoft Office Word program. This particular tutorial is for those webmasters that have a server hosting the WordPress CMS.

Step 1 Set up your WordPress blog in the Microsoft office word program.

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  1. Go to the file tab and then select the “New” option.
  2. Then select “Blog Post”.
  3. Then Select “Create”.

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Creating a new account in the Microsoft Office Word program for WordPress for the first time

If this is your first time using the blog feature with WordPress on Microsoft Office you will have to register your account information. So a little box like below might pop up in order to set up your account. Click the Register Now button.

After clicking the Register Now button you will be prompted to select a blog provider. Even if you’re using a WordPress CMS you want to select “Other” from the options menu.

Click the “Next” to continue.

Now you want to select MetaWebLog from the drop down menu.

In the blog post URL you want to enter the URL to your website with the xmlrpc.php file included like so. http://yourwebsite.com/xmlrpc.php

Next enter your username and password and tick the box to remember your password. Then click on the Picture Options button.

Under picture options click “my Blog Provider” then click the OK button.

Then click the OK button again.

If you done everything correctly you will see a message box pops up with the message “Account Registration Successful”. Then click the OK button once again.

You can add as many blog accounts as you want by repeating this process.

Creating a WordPress blog post using Microsoft Office Word

One of the setbacks is that you cannot use a featured image or tags to your blog post. After you publish either as a draft or live you will have to log into your WordPress to add tags. However you can link your categories and the way you do that is click on the “Insert Category” box and then it will go to the server and get your list of categories. You can also create new categories from the Microsoft Word program.

Final thoughts on “How to Blog with WordPress using Microsoft Office”

The format that you see when you are typing in Microsoft office word is not the way that it will be displayed on your website. The format will change to whatever format that you have set up according to your theme and CSS styles. Be sure to use your heading tags appropriately as well so that you have a good structured article.

Video Instructions for How to Blog with WordPress using Microsoft Office

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