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Google algorithm hummingbird meaning for SEO?

Google’s birthday and mine are on the same day, September 27th which makes us both Librae. Not that it matters much but the sign of a Libra are the scales and represent fairness. Google’s release of Penguin and Panda put some people out of business while it benefited others. This technology is always changing and sometimes it does not seem fair to those of us who have worked so hard to get indexed well for our keywords.

What is new about the Google algorithm Hummingbird?

The Google algorithm hummingbird is supposed to concentrate more on matching all the words in a query.  Semantic language has been the concentration with this new algorithm. The focus now is not the keyword but the meaning behind it which leaves much to the imagination. However Google’s intention it seems is to get the bounce rate down on sites that they are matching a keyword phrase too. Trond Lyngbo outlines these tips for business and web masters.

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  • Business must adapt the semantic search and knowledge graph
  • Position your business to be the provider of answers
  •  Identify intent and the needs and problems.
  • Provide solutions for answers
  • Look at queries and what the really need.
  • Grant them what people behind the queries want.

Google algorithm Hummingbird in a nutshell

So basically Google is sticking to what they have said all along about writing for a human and not a search engine. This is because Google’s goal is to make a more intelligent search engine to understand what people’s intention is behind a search query and not the search query itself. How they are doing this is anyone guess but. Yet you can almost see the need for it for example. There is something wrong with your car but you don’t know what it is. You take it to a repair garage and tell them what it is doing as far as you can see. The expert is one who tracks down the problem in order to get it fixed. So although you did not know exactly what you needed you were able to take it to someone who is an expert in that field to get the problem resolved. In this way Google is the expert at matching search results to the query user and that is what Google algorithm hummingbird is supposed to do.

Google and the Knowledge Graph

Some of you may or may not know about this but it is also part of the Google algorithm. If  you would type in ” mt everest vs kilimanjaro” into the Google search engine you would get a picture like this.

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Google algorithm hummingbird

This is all part of Google Knowledge Graph. These knowledge graph can give you quick stats about things. If you type in something like 2 + 2 and then hit enter you will get a calculator. These are examples of how the new algorithm is working. So we can see what the intention is that Google is trying to display meaningful results or the intent behind the query instead of the query itself in order to show more relevant results to keep bounce rate down on websites and search. Efficiency is the key behind every worthy endeavor and even though we may have mixed emotions about the Google Algorithm Hummingbird this is something that we must try to understand and play along with if we hope to keep up and be displayed in the search results accordingly.

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