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Faith McCullough Effect on A1WEBSITEPRO

As many of you know my daughter was killed by a careless school bus driver in a school zone. The is was not a “Freak Accident” as some claim but a “preventable tragedy”. Yes I am devastated but I taught my baby girl and she would say to me over and over again, “Never give up daddy, never give up”.  A1WEBSTIEPRO has supported that baby girl and many others, she would not of wanted me to quit but she would of wanted me to make it bigger and better.

Since I program apps as well as websites we are going to be able to help many more parents and children that are afraid.  It sickens me to the depths of my soul that so called officials would label such a tragedy a freak accident even before the police investigation was complete. Right away they implemented damage control for their establishment so we can see right away what was on their agenda! I was thinking why this is important to them to practice such a horrific, unethical, immoral disgusting method. The fact of the matter is they failed our childrens safety and do not want to admit to it. They claim ignorance for negligence and carelessness. Now they are in the spotlight and the eyes on the world are upon them.

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What we are going to do to ensure the childrens safety.

We are not going to wait for these people who are in charge of our childrens safety to make a change. Through technology we are going to implement a change and have accountability on every level. Faith McCullough’s death will NOT be in vein I promise you this. Every child is important to me, every child is my child and every child is Faith McCullough as I have been told several times throughout this past week.

The app is going to be lightweight and cross browser and cross platform compatible. This app will put power into the hands of the people and take it away from those who are negligent with our childrens safety. This officail app will be release here at a1websitepro.com as well at http://faithmcculloughfoundation.com/

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How are we going to pay for this?

All donations will be put towards the Faith McCullough Foundation found at http://FaithMcCulloughFoundation.com but I assure you if we did not recieve a dime I am going to do this anyway.

We truly thank all of you for your love and support.  The rest of my life will be dedicated to your children and their safety!

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