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Edit Files in SSH Terminal Amazon EC2 Hosting

You will have to Edit Files in SSH Terminal Amazon EC2 Hosting. This tutorial will show you how to do it.

Prerequisites for Edit Files in SSH Terminal Amazon EC2 Hosting

Make sure that you have completed the following lessons before trying to do this.

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Open up your terminal and connect to your Amazon Hosting Server.

ssh -i "yourfile.pem" [email protected]

Command List for Terminal

In the video I am using the following commands.

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  • cd for change directory or folder.
cd var
cd www
cd html
  • vim for editing a file.
vim index.html
  • Press i for insert.
  • Use your arrows on your keyboard to navigate.
  • Use delete button to delete letters.
  • Press esacpe key then :wr then enter to save a file
  • Press escape :!q then enter to quit editing file.
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Editing Files in SSH Terminal Amazon EC2 Hosting

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