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Customize Feedburner Email Subscriptions Including YouTube RSS feed

Customize Feedburner Email Subscriptions Including YouTube RSS feed

Learn how to customize Feedburner email subscriptions and how they look including YouTube RSS feed! Most of us are familiar with the email subscription service called Feedburner. This service lets our visitors subscribe to our feeds and gives us stats as to how many are subscribed to our websites. Yet, most do not know that they can customize the way the email looks when they receive their Feedburner subscriptions by email. Feedburner provides you a way to make a free email newsletter for your visitors.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools have been around for a while. Many are worried that Feedburner is not going to be around that much longer. So where will we go for our free email marketing tools? There are a few alternatives to Feedburner although the do have a premium service like “MailChimp”. I am going to bet that Feedburner is going to be around a while longer so I will continue to use them. If that day comes then I will probably migrate to Jetpack since I utilize the WordPress CMS to manage my website content. I do have a MailChimp account and when I get around to it I will provide some tutorials on how to use it for your email newsletters. Jetpack is also a free email newsletter service that is provided by WordPress. It is not as customizable as Feedburner or MailChimp but keeps your readers informed if you make any new blog posts.

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Customize Feedburner Email Subscriptions

So we know that a feed is raw data, it does not have any pretty stuff in it. That is why we have services like Feedburner to style our feeds before they go out to our subscribers. These templates are limited but there are some customization features that you should be aware of if you are interested in dressing up your Feedburner feed in your email subscriptions. It is pretty simple really and is all in one tab. Below is a copy of my email from Feedburner that I received in my Gmail. You will see that I have a few graphics in my email. I will explain how to create those graphics within your Feedburner subscription service.

feedburner email subscription

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Feedburner Email Subscription Settings

Now let’s go over how I accomplished this in my Feedburner email subscription settings. First log into your Feedburner by going to http://feedburner.google.com/ then click on the feed that you want to customize for the email format. Refer to the graphic below for a visual reference or check out the YouTube video at the end of this article. Click on the publicize tab and then “Email Branding” on the left. In the first box you can see where you can customize the title. Feedburner provides a code that you can use so that your article title will be included in the email feed. “${latestItemTitle}” . If you have more than one article in the feed you can choose to change the subject line by inserting one of the example codes below.

A1WebsitePro.com: ${latestItemTitle}
A1WebsitePro.com: “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m} more
A1WebsitePro.com (in this message: ${n} new items)

Next you can include a logo like I have with the little man holding the wrench. Make sure that you upload the graphic first to your website and then insert the URL path in the box labeled Logo URL:.

Now that you have all that done you can style your text and headings by clicking on the drop down menus provided. Right now there are only 5 different font types provided. You can also choose a background color and a text color for your email subscribers.

Customize Feedburner Email Subscriptions

how to enable email subscription feedburner

YouTube subscriptions RSS feed

So how do you broadcast your YouTube subscription as an RSS feed that people can subscribe too on your website? If you have a YouTube channel then you have a YouTube RSS feed. So how do you get to the feed URL on YouTube? Its pretty simple really, let me show you how to get to mine and then you will know how to get to yours.

Below is my URL to my YouTube channel. All I have to do to get to my RSS feed is insert “/rss” after the “.com” like in the example below.



YouTube will then show me the feed to my RSS URL and it looks like this: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/users/MaximusMccullough/uploads?v=2&alt=rss&client=ytapi-youtube-rss-redirect&orderby=updated

I will take this regenerated URL to my Feedburner and Burn a feed like normal. If you need instructions on this please see my article “Feedburner For WordPress” that takes you through the steps to burn a feed. Now you can create an email subscription on your website for your Videos as well! Don’t forget to monetize your videos for some free virtual income!

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