Celebrity Clients and Ethical Practice


We felt the need to address Celebrity Clients and Ethical Practice here at A1WEBSITEPRO. We, like any company like getting referrals, especially from our clients. That is how we have grown tremendously over the years. It is true that A1WEBSITEPRO has picked up more than a few celebrity clients along the way.

Ethical Practice with Celebrity Clients

We have made the resolve not to publicly or privately share our celebrity client list. Why? The answer is simple. We just do not feel that it would be an ethical practice. We grow our business based upon our own reputation and not that of a celebrity. We do enjoy working with them, it is a lot of fun however there are just some things that need to stay private. We do not even share with celebrities the other celebrities we work with. If a celebrity wants to share our service with another they are more than welcome too but it does not come from us.

We are Just People

No matter how you slice the cheese we are all just people. We are trying to make a living and do it honestly. We enjoy being the one behind the scenes. In our profession and line of work it is better that way. We do not get harassed for contact information when it comes to celebrities. More often than not we only have the celebrities agents to contact anyway.

What if a Celebrity Mentions A1WEBSITEPRO?

That is totally fine however you will never get confirmation from us that we do business with them. Most celebrities check us out by means of other professionals in our business. We enjoy our celebrity clients and respect their line of work. They have worked hard for their celebrity status and we respect that.


A1WEBSITEPRO treat everyone equally. We work hard to try to help you accomplish your goals if you are a celebrity or not. We value all of our clients and will keep it that way no matter how big A1WEBSITEPRO gets.



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