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Great New Code Testing Tool

free code tester

Subscribe A1WebsitePro is now offering a great new code testing tool. This tool is useful for everyone who needs a quick resource to test the code that they are working with. A Helpful Tool For Use With Tutorials If you need a place to practice the codes that we provide in our lessons before you Read More

Credit Card Testing Numbers


Subscribe Use these credit card numbers to test your applications. Good for developers and web masters. Test Credit Card Account Numbers MasterCard 5555555555554444 MasterCard 5105105105105100 Visa 4111111111111111 Visa 4012888888881881  

Point Nameservers To Amazon Web Hosting Services

Point Namservers To Amazon Web Hosting Services

Subscribe Want to know how to Point Nameservers To Amazon Web Hosting Services? In this tutorial we will learn how to do that. Route 53 Domain Name Registration Start by logging into your Amazon EC2 Account. Navigate to Route 53 Domain Name registration. Click on DNS Management. This is if you already bought the domain.  If Read More

How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

Subscribe This is how you change nameservers at registrar. You will do this when you move from one server to another server. The purpose of changing a nameserver is to point your domain to another server. Steps To Changing Nameservers Getting Nameserver Addresses. When you purchased your new hosting plan you should have been emailed Read More

Warning: unlink(): http does not allow unlinking in PHP

Warning: unlink(): http does not allow unlinking in PHP

Subscribe In order to delete an image or file off of your server in PHP you have to use unlink(). This function will delete the file from your server. This is a permanent action and can not be undone once the process is completed. Warning: unlink(): http does not allow unlinking in … If you are Read More

PHP MySqli Check For No Results in Database

PHP Web Development

Subscribe There are many times when you have to PHP MySqli Check For No Results in Database. Maybe you are checking the username and password of a user and match it to an authenticated user. Prerequisites for PHP MySqli Check For No Results in Database In order to perform this query you will have to have something in Read More

PHP HTML Script For Emails


Subscribe If you are looking for PHP HTML script for emails you have come to the right place. If you look at our PHP Snippets for email. You may be disappointed that when you send an email that you do not actually see formatted HTML. PHP Header For HTML Email Emails do not automatically display Read More

Sending Emails Every Hour From Server With Limit PHP

email every hour with php

Subscribe Why would you want to send emails every hour from your server? Most servers only allow you to send out 250 emails every hour and some servers only allow you to send out 500 emails a day. Let’s say that you have 5000 subscribers to your blog and you are not using 3rd party applications. Read More

Redirect users to a Mobile Site Javascript

Subscribe We can direct people to our mobile site using JavaScript. What this following code does is look for a screen size and then redirects the user. [code] <script type="text/javascript"> if (screen.width <= 699) { document.location = "mymobilesite.html"; }[/code] The following code will target iPhone and iPods to your mobile website. [code] if ((navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)) || Read More

Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing

Subscribe Welcome to Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing.  If you have a product you want to market Google shopping is the place you want to be. Our guinea pig website is When you first go on the website you will see they sell candles and soaps. They already have everything set up as we have Read More

Simple Ajax Example Check for Checking Duplicates PHP JavaScript MySql

PHP Web Development

Subscribe I thought it was time that I made a simple post on using AJAX. This is a very easy script for you to develop from. The main thing that you want to keep in mind is that you have to put the following script into a file called test.php. Further Instructions for Mysql You Read More

Using Crypt to Encrypt Password in PHP

PHP Web Development

Subscribe Sometimes we need to encrypt a password hash in php before inserting it into the database. The code below will reveal this information. $1$aGwdyCbv$dwOWTv3mGDXIH0tHK7Ova1 hash [code]<?php $passwordtohash = ‘mypassword’; $hash = crypt($passwordtohash); echo $hash; echo $passwordtohas; ?>[/code] Explaining the Crypt Code and Process The php variable of $pass is holding within it “hash”. We Read More

Viewports for Mobile Header Tags Quick Reference

Viewports for Mobile Header Tags Quick Reference

Subscribe Viewports for Mobile Header tags are something that I think we should be able to just copy and paste. It makes things faster when you are programming. A Viewport tag will auto enlarge text on smaller screens so they are mobile friendly. You would put this code in your header.php file. [code]<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, Read More

Google Data Highlighter Bing Seo Analyzer Prepare For Google Shopping


Subscribe Introduction: Google data highlighter is a tool that helps Google index. The Bing SEO analyzer is Bing’s tool for indexing. Let’s prepare for Google shopping & google search console. Prerequisites Before you perform what is contained in this lesson you will have to have Google Search Console set up with your website.  If you do Read More