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SEO What It Is And What It Isn't

SEO What It Is And What It Isn’t

Guerilla Marketing Product and Service Descriptions

Marketing Guerilla Style

Welcome to the Guerilla Marketing Course. We as business owners know that in order to be in business we have to have a product or service to sell. Download Audio of this Article Listen to Audio Online Guerilla Marketing Product and Service Descriptions What you may not be aware of is that your product Read More

Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website


Scripts can boost visits and longevity to your website if used properly. Here is an example of the problem. The Website Visit Problem Someone comes to your website, load the page. They probably have about 200 tabs open in their browser and your website is in one of those tabs. They leave that loaded possibly Read More



If you are dealing with empty tags in WordPress you have come to the right place. I have a very simple solution for you to carry out. Thanks to CSS3 we have a selector that will look for anything that is empty in your website and put a “display:none” commend to those empty tags. Dealing Read More

Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial


This is an organic search engine optimization techniques tutorial for your website pages. This article has many search engine optimization tips that you can take advantage of. We are going to start with adwords keyword planner as our main SEO tool. We will filter the keyword phrases for our search engine ranking. To make your job a little easier Read More

Why Put NoFollow Attributes In Menu Structure?

Why Put NoFollow Attributes In Menu Structure?

Why put nofollow attributes in menu structure? In a nutshell it all boils down to relevance. Every link on your particular web page should have to do with the subject that it is about. In this article I am talking about the nofollow attribute. However if you look above at my menu I have several Read More

Additional Languages on Websites Creates More Targeted Visitors


Additional languages on websites creates more targeted visitors. Many websites that are indexed are missing out on this huge opportunity to engage visitors that do not speak the webmasters language. Why Add Additional Languages to Your Website? You should add additional languages to your website because as we all know the internet is at the fingertips Read More

If You Are A Webmaster Make This Your Homepage

make this your home page

If you are a webmaster make this your homepage or at least bookmark it. Every time you publish a post or page that you want indexed in search engines this will be your ultimate resource tool! Copy The Page URL AFTER you’re completely done and published it. Submit URL to Google Search Engine You will Read More

Advertisements or Content After First Post in WordPress or Genesis


Sometimes its a good idea to add advertisements or content after the first post in WordPress. The following tutorial will also show you how to do it on a Genesis framework. Add advertisements or content after the first post in WordPress In the picture below we see an advertisement after the first post on Then the Read More

Add Content to the End of Your RSS feed in WordPress

Add Content to the End of Your RSS feed in WordPress

Sometimes its necessary to add content at the end of your RSS feed. Here is a little code that will help you to do that. You can add social pages, scripts and more using this method. Just paste the code below into your functions.php file and replace the content with whatever you want it to Read More

HTML and FTP Client Editors


Many people out there are looking for ways to edit their website files via FTP, SFTP and FTPS. THere are many great ones out there. Below I am going to share some of the ones that I like to use and other ones that I do not use as much but are still good. Paid Read More

How to use NOTEPAD PLUS PLUS to edit your Website Files


Many people want to use Notepad Plus Plus to edit their website files. It is free and easy to use. Once your grab the basic understanding of connecting to your website server via FTP its all downhill from there. Download and Install Notepad Plus Plus Your first step is to download NotePad  Plus Plus. When downloading Read More

Pagination in WordPress on one Post


Have you heard of pagination in WordPress on one post? An example of this on my website is that article entitled Using Bing Webmaster Tools. You can see the arrows at the top and bottom of each page. You can also see page numbers. I also wrote an article “How to Increase your Page Views in Read More

Remove “Howdy” in WordPress Quickly

Wanna remove “Howdy” in WordPress? How many of you out there say “Howdy”? Maybe if you are from the south you may use that terminology however I had a client of mine that runs a Caledonian or Scottish blog.  The “Scots” do not use “Howdy” at all unless they are poking fun. So she said, “Max, Read More

Set Your YouTube Video To Play At A Certain Time


Set your YouTube video to play at a certain time. Have you ever had a YouTube video that you wanted to play at a certain time? Here is a FREE WordPress plugin for you. This plugin will show up right in your dashboard when  you log into it.   Try YouTube Timings before you Download it 🙂 Read More

500 Internal Server Errors in WordPress Driving You Nuts?


Do you have a 500 internal server error in WordPress that is driving you nuts? Well sit back, relax and read. This problem may be easier to solve than you think. There are a few things that may be causing this but more than likely if you are using the WordPress CMS the cause is Read More