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How to Use JavaScript

Ajax With Multiple Forms And One PHP Processing File

Ajax With Multiple Forms And One PHP Processing File

You only need to have one processing file in PHP when you are working with AJAX. If you have more than one processing file for every from you create you are wasting your time. This will make your programming less confusing. Lets dive into how using one processing form in PHP is more efficient. Previous Lessons Read More

Use Javascript To Type Out Text On Webpage One Letter At A Time


In this tutorial we show you how to type one letter at a time in you webpage with JavaScript. We make use of JavaScript functions to accomplish this tasks. JavaScript Functions For Typing Animation split(“”) The split function will create an array from our string. shift() The shift function will shift the string one letter at a time. Read More

Change Color On A Webpage With Ajax

Change Color On A Webpage With Ajax

You can change a color on a web page with ajax. In this tutorial we make use of the HTML input type of color. We then generate an Ajax request to the processor. This in turn returns CSS code that changes the color on the webpage. To see how this is done watch the video. Read More

Ajax How To Process More Than One Form Item

Ajax How To Process More Than One Form Item

In this Ajax tutorial you will learn how to process more than one form item. Ajax is very fast and can retrieve data in a split second. In the last ajax tutorial we showed you how to process one form item. Usually when you need a form on a web page you need to process more Read More

Best Ajax Tutorial Simple and Easy to understand

best-ajax-tutorial simple and easy to understand

This is the best Ajax tutorial. Learn how to submit a form without reloading a page. Ajax can do that for you. Here is a very simple tutorial with the code that will help you get started using Ajax in your applications. The XMLHttpRequest Object The XMLHttpRequest object can be used to request data from Read More

JavaScript Simple True or False Script

How to Use JavaScript

Here is a little JavaScript true or false script that you can have some fun with. You can even develop further intricate programs off of this little script here. Enjoy! [code]<html> <head> <title>Quiz</title> </head> <body> <h1>Quiz</h1> <div id="question">True or False: The sky is blue?</div> <button onclick="truee()">True</button> <button onclick="falsee()">False</button> <script> function truee(){ document.getElementById(‘question’).innerHTML="That is correct"; Read More

How To Enable Javascript In Your Firefox Browser

how to enable JavaScript in Firefox browser JavaScript tutorial

Have you visited a domain website that seems to be broken with no style or design? When visiting a web page which appears to be broken down into basic text links you may find that your JavaScript is disabled in Firefox. No problem! To fix this easily, follow the steps below to update your JavaScript Read More

How To Enable Javascript In Your Chrome Browser

how to enable JavaScript in Chrome browser JavaScript tutorial

Are you trying to visit a website and there appears to be no styling or design to it? If you visit a page that looks like it has just been broken down into text links, then it is a good possibility that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Great news! This is an easy fix. Read More

Make A Game CSS JavaScript and HTML

Make A Game CSS JavaScript and HTML

This is a tutorial on how to make a game with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Making games are fun and they are not that hard to do. The object of this game is to shoot the objects and make them stop. We have some cool sound effects that we are loading into this as well. The Read More

JavaScript Get Element By Class Name


In order to use JavaScript Get element by class name you have to have a class. You can use a class in a div or any tag that you want. Here are a few examples of class names and how they are used. <div class=”anyName”></div> <p class=”anyName”>Paragraph Text</p> <span class=”anyName”>This is a span</span> <h1 class=”anyName”>This Read More

Use A JavaScript Button As A Link Properly


To use a JavaScript button as a link properly you need to start off with an HTML button element. This is commonly referred to as the button tag in HTML. Below is the code example for a button element.  <button></button> If you put the button tag element in a webpage it will look like this. You Read More

Redirect users to a Mobile Site Javascript

We can direct people to our mobile site using JavaScript. What this following code does is look for a screen size and then redirects the user. [code] <script type="text/javascript"> if (screen.width <= 699) { document.location = "mymobilesite.html"; }[/code] The following code will target iPhone and iPods to your mobile website. [code] if ((navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)) || (navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i))) Read More



Qualifications: 20 Years + experience in the following computer languages. HTML Hypertext Markup Language  PHP pre hypertext preprocessor  CSS Cascading Stylesheets  JavaScript  MySql Databases  ASP.NET  Access  SQL  Node.js  And many many more WHY AM I ADVERTISING ON CRAIGSLIST & OTHER CLASSIFIEDS? Many people think they are getting a “deal” hiring someone working out of their Read More

Style HTML Tables With A Lot Of Content


Have you ever wanted to Style  HTML Tables With A Lot Of Content? HTML tables are nice to use because they keep content separated in a nice neat order. However there are many times when webmasters want to put more information into a table cell that makes the table distort. The video below will walk you Read More



Do you want a KALEIDOSCOPE CSS JAVASCRIPT ANIMATION IN WORDPRESS? Check out the script below. This is a script written in JavaScript and CSS. It can tantalize the visual senses for a while. What is even more cool is that you can use your own pictures just by dragging and dropping them into your webpage. Read More